Thanks for all the supports of 2016 season


    2017-01-17 16:01:42

Every season we gain with our paying ,every season we grow up and bring new hope !2016 was a great season .We performanced well in all our race .

1.Tour of Qinghai Lake 

  Second place of Queen stage -stage 6 and stage 7 

2.Beautiful Xingtai Green Taihang International Cycling Race

  First place of stage 1、Second place of stage 2

  Individual GC champion、Best Asian Rider 、Best Asian team 、Third place of Team GC .

3.Fourth place of Team GC of Tour of Almaty -our first abroad race .

4.Third place of Best Chinese Rider of Tour of Yancheng

5.Our two young Chinese young riders represent 3 races for the very first time.

we are making effort to train more Chinese young riders ,and built a international Chinese continental cycling team .Meanwhile we are building  up brands promotion for  our great sponsors to make them popular around home and aboard .Like Livall-smart helmet  /CST tires /FOCUS bikes /Santic riding kit /Shakeland/CPT/Bryton/Seasucker/MD+.

We are making opportunities for our younger Chinese riders by our great sponsors' supporting and also we will make highly commercial promotion as the feedback .Combining with the higher publicity of the races and stranger Chinese growing-up teams .All the efforts from our riders and team are completely proven by every single victory we had ,no doubt there are also are greatest feedback to our amazing sponsors .We are getting more attentions and more media exposures among Chinese popular cycling media field .We have the most greatest equipments as our general all-sides sponsoring .This is the guranted preconditions of the our victories .

Our wins at Tour of Qinghai Lake were more outstanding as  Santic and CST are supporting  the Tour of Qinghai Lake as well .

Every single victory we had !

All based on the our greatest  sponsors and supports form our lovely fans .

We will have more breakthroughs coming along  with our more professional management from the team .Appreciate  again to LIVALL/CST/FOCUS/SANTIC/SHAKELANDS/POHINIX/CPT/RYTON/SEASUCKER/MD+ for all the supporting of 2016 season .

We will try to make our best efforts to train more great riders and making more breakthroughs .Making opportunities to our riders and grouping up with them .

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