Tour of Almaty

abstract:Our first aboard race .it was am important experience to our Chinese young riders and team . Our goal is to get more chances for Chinese young riders .

    2016-12-21 14:12:18

2 of October, 14 team showed up at Tour of Almaty.

Including of local WT team Astana pro team 、Vino 4ever sko and Kazakhstan national team. And also with Ukraine Kolss-bdc team 、Iran Pishgaman Giant team.

 It was a tough day , was raining and the temperature only 8 degree Centigrade.Riders were waiting for to sign, and they all had the Santic fleece top and leg set to keep warm .

 The present of the team in front of the bright Chinese flag.We were welcomed as the only Chinese team .The fans were passionate even with the rain still lots of fans .

Took a look of bike before race .

CST Straddle makes the safest road experience especially in rainy day .

It rained heavyly and with the big crosswin the whole 180KM, and was super cold .Riders need more energy supply .We even used the warm water to make them warmer .

Nibali had a crash, he was trying to catch up the peloton .

As the big crosswind some riders can not follow the peloton ,they fell behind .

 After 4 and half hours 's fighting ,Lutsenko Alexey won agin as last year . And our team Lopez finished on 11th, Aagi finished 16th,our youngest rider Bolor finished 24th.

It was really tough race with terrible weather .Lopez hold hot water bottle to keep warmer ,he can barely feel his hands .Everyone tried their best to finish the race in that situation.

Our team finished 4th among 14 strong teams.We are getting stronger and no matter where are we we always have best team work . 

We impressed the other team as the only Chinese team .

 This first abroad race will be the important race to the team and also two Chinese riders .It will be an helpful and meaningful experience to them .We well get more chances for our Chinese riders and team .

This is what everyone looks like after going back to hotel actually .

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