2016 Review-Tour of Qinghai lake


    2016-12-16 11:12:31

The 15th‘Qinghai Rural Credit Cup Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC) finished on 30 of July after after 13 stages' competition. We presented as the one of the 3 local host teams. 

We made a good result among 23 teams .3-times podiums in total ,Perez won second place on the Queen stage -the most challenging stage in 15 times Tour of Qinghai lake -207KM started from 3200m altitude to the highest 4120m. Second place in next coming 7th-stage.And Lopez performances pretty well at that stage we took the 'Most Aggressive Rider". Except these we did well on sprint and climbing points as well .Individual GC Perez got 11th.

Exciting moment after the difficult 207KM race .

Happy to win the second after the long breaking away.

It Was different to breaking way and won the 'Most Aggressive' title. We did well on taking the sprint-points  We are the only 3 teams which finished the 13 difficult stage and we did impressed performances. Cross-wind from the lake with the rain .Leading the peloton.

Breaking -awayGood performance on climbing .We are trying and will try our best to pursue to be better .Team up !

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