Zhongxuan Sports Development Company


    2016-05-20 13:05:25

Zhongxuan Sports Development company-Management and operation of professtion cycling team company .We own experience expert team -senior media operator、retired Asian champion 、experienced team manager .We train more professional、we trying to get more chances to present more races .We are working on built the influential Chinese pro cycling team .

Introduction of the team 

Zhengjun Zhu ,retired Chinese National rider,won 3 times Chinese championship 、once Asian championship ,present 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games as Chinese National team .Worked as the coach in Honking team .He stared to built up -Ningxia Sports-lottery Focus team cooperated with Ningxia sports Council  in 2014. His 16 years experiences being the pro rider is the best and most professional  advantages of the team .

Senior and experienced  races management and media operation 

Media resource advantages

Diversified team presentation events and feedbacks to all sponsors

Built influential riders

2014-2016 we had good performance at all different races and multy podium times.

3 years since we have build , we made great team work and great results .We never stop trying harder to get more chances to our team and our Chinese young riders . To make our team to be the influential Chinese continental cycling team.


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